Personal Training at Home vs at Gym

Personal Training at Home vs at Gym

This seems very obvious to so many yet all are confused!! If you are balancing the idea of membership and trainer costs vs Kijiji adds and a Bowflex, then comparing workout DVDs and the latest Muscle and Fitness, then you are going about this topic in the wrong way!!

Back up! Rewind! Slow down and think!

First and foremost, consider your motivation level. Are you self motivated? Will you tear yourself away from the tube, your yard work, your kids? Will you push through a workout, train yourself and work as hard as you have to? Hey? We can compare gyms vs trainers later but right now, at least hitting a gym, might get you to take the time you need to put in to you.

Now, if you’re like a number of our clients, you will workout at home. Heck! That’s why people all over the world use our free online training, anywhere, anytime and they train just like us, with us! Basically, they can be self motivated or appreciate me training them as they follow along AND it’s a workout that works!

Now here’s a point and… I don’t mean to be rude but, all of you who buy a home gym, treadmill, Bowflex, P90x or whatever, when’s the last time you dusted it? Most people who buy this stuff, just let it collect dust. Remember, getting out of the house can get you going!

Of course, hundreds of thousands of people will workout from home! People will work hard, people will succeed and people will reach their goals! If this is what you chose, I wish you luck but I’d like to leave you with a couple of useful tips:

Set aside your time. Pick 2, 3, 6 hours a week. Find them, mark them in your calendar and commit to them. Be realistic and ensure that your new time for you, is achievable. Don’t say you’ll work out at 6 am if you are not a morning person. Don’t say you will train 5 days a week when 3 really fits better in your weekly routine.

Find some additional support. Perhaps a friend or spouse you can talk to when you need some help with motivating yourself. Someone to share your goals and help to keep you motivated!

Give it a shot! Most often, people will try something and say it doesn’t work, long before they’ve actually stuck it out. If you are trying to lose weight, remember, you didn’t gain it overnight. This can take some time and sticking it out for a few months will often get you over the hump and forming a habit. At least you’ve got a schedule down and can try to get yourself there!